Becca Wingebach, LMT


After eight years as a stay at home mom I decided to put my degree in Political Science to good use and become a massage therapist. Today I have a rewarding massage practice in Mullen Nebraskavolunteer as a staff herbalist at the Wild Roots People's Clinic in Omaha Nebraska, and teach pathology at the Universal College of Healing Arts (Also in Omaha). It has been an exciting and rewarding adventure.


 I graduated from The Universal College of Healing Arts in 2015 and opened Sandhills Horizon Massage that summer. To keep life interesting in the epically beautiful but incredibly isolated Sandhills of Nebraska, I followed my growing fascination with plant medicine, and began Rosemary Gladstar’s Science and Art of Herbalism home study program shortly after graduating massage school. I completed this in 2017.


My independent studies were supplemented by a year of monthly classes lead by Registered Herbalist Kate Boddman, AHG which I completed in 2017. I have an intense fascination with the human body and an inclination for consuming and retaining information that some could find arcane, intricately detailed, and boring. This makes memorizing herbal actions, energetics, and organ affinities a true delight.


I am constantly working to expand my massage skills and received specialized training in Japan Sen Herbal Thai Massage in 2019. I completed  the Herbal Academy's Advanced Herbal Course in 2020 and teach classes locally geared towards making herbalism accessible to everyone. Because I have a deep aversion to down-time, I have acquired a wholesale food producers permit from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture which allows me to bring my herbal tea enterprise to the masses (or at least the five clients and my mother who buy my tea). I believe blending bodywork and herbalism creates benefits that surpass either modality alone; both shine as tools to optimize wellbeing and enhance health.